Chella Quint found the perfect combination of feminist angst and light-hearted humour in her creation Adventures in Menstruating. The minimalist performance cleverly reflected a classroom, drawing attention to the lack of education we currently have in place when it comes to periods. Cheers Gove.

Chella’s concept focused on the taboo of menstruating, which has been perpetuated by advertising and the media. After,Victorian times, periods became synonymous with embarrassment and secrecy in order to reinforce the idea that women needed to hide their periods from the world. 

The ice was broken when audience members were asked to illustrate their knowledge on menstruation through a Twister-inspired activity. There was a conga line which the audience all participated in and We explored the different types of sanitary products using very questionable dance moves. 

This perfectly summarised the bizarre yet surprisingly effective structure of the show. 

The highlight of the night was two volunteers trying on old fashioned sanitary belts while pirouetting. They were rewarded with a prize for participating which, again, depicted a school setting. 

#periodpositive Credit: Chella Quint
#periodpositive Credit: Chella Quint

At times, the contrast between humour and serious discussion was blurred, which disrupted the overall flow of the performance. But Chella’s dynamic and unique personality flourished throughout and maintained the audience’s attention. Her Oprah impression was second to none and had the audience crying out with laughter. 

Surprisingly, it became clear that there is no such thing as too many period jokes and that if we want to end the stigma, what better way to start than reclaiming the ‘stain’? 

Chella spoke passionately about the false representation of periods in modern times. She shared stories of secondary school children who thought periods were blue because of what they had seen on television. 

At the end of the performance, Chella invited the audience to use the hashtag  #periodpositive. The internet trend aims to challenge society’s view and normalise menstruation talk. Period. 


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