Theatrical soothsaying, storytelling through a crystal ball – Powder Keg have seen the future and they have some stuff to tell you!

Morale is High (Since we gave up Hope) is a performance that seeks to predict what will happen between now and the next general election in 2020. Throughout the show, intertwining narratives explore the effects of popular culture, political policy and inane day-to-day actions on who we choose to vote for.

A theatre-meets-gig that smashes pop and politics in some space age futuristic Hadron-collider to create an on going evaluation of our political climate.

The debut show from Hodgkiss Award winning Powder Keg, a bunch of best mates who make fast paced, experiential, anarchic performances. Morale is High (Since we gave up Hope) has been developed with the help of Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield and the kindness of Partisan Collective.

Powder Keg are a Manchester-based theatre company who formed in 2013. We tell stories and transform spaces, creating pieces to engage and challenge audiences. We have created work for many places, including a pub cellar, a field in Manchester, and a shopping trolley. We use a process of consensus decision-making to create and develop our pieces, which gives us the freedom to apply individually held skills to each aspect of whatever piece we are working on. We challenge ourselves and our practice to consistently push ourselves out of our theatrical comfort zone.

Theatre Deli, Sheffield
25th & 26th November
£8/£5 concession
For tickets please visit –


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