It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
The air is colder, the nights are longer, and there’s limited edition seasonal tat left, right and centre.

All the supermarket meal deals are chock full of Christmas leftover-type crap (Turkey, Sticky Toffee pudding, Cranberry Sauce & Salmon sandwich anyone?). Pizza Express has got a ‘Christmas special’ Cauliflower Cheese Pizza, and of course, Maccies has the classic McFestive Double Bacon murderburger.

Ho Ho Ho Kiddies

The worst culprits for Christmas themed consumables are the nation’s coffee shops however – Gingerbread this and Salted Caramel that. And while we know it all tastes like cashing in, it’s hard not to get sucked in by those limited edition syrupy flavours. Thus the Forge Media team couldn’t help ourselves when our own blessed Students’ Union succumbed to Christmas edition fever, in the form of Coffee Revolution’s new range of Festive Hot Chocolates (complete with fucking awful puns):

Chocolate Orange – “Yule love how we’ve combined a classic Coffee Revs hot chocolate with melted Terry’s chocolate orange.”

White Christmas – “We’ve added a seasonal syrup (Eggnog, if you’re wondering) to our wicked white hot chocolate.”

Christmas Spice – “Another delicious Christmas hot chocolate for you to mull over.”

They’re priced at £2.95 and served with whipped cream, a flake and a mini mince pie.
So we excitedly got one of each, and hygienically passed them around the Forge Media Hub to see what people thought.


Chocolate Orange

A classic and timeless flavour combo that transcends the very nature of time and space, this is probably Revs’ most unique offering and is nowhere to be found among the main high street chains. This was the overall favourite.

“Delicious. Chocolatey, Orangey, Rich.”

“Really sweet but moreish.”

“The chocolate orange flavour was a delight in layers. You are first met with a thick layer of chocolate sprinkled cream that is soon followed by a succession of different mouth-feels that can only be summarised as ‘zesty velvet’.”

“Love it! Yummy.”

“Orange and chocolate is a classic combo. I don’t get it, but I appreciate that others do.”

“On the sweet side, but good nonetheless. Especially good once the flake fell in and melted at the bottom of the cup.”

The face of a man who has just witnessed a flake falling into a his drink


White Christmas

This one divided opinion the most of the three and could potentially substitute a meal for being so rich. Not the overall winner, but definitely my personal favourite.

“Bit different from your average hot chocolate, but very warming and Christmassy.”

“Quite unique, maybe not quite enough different about it though.”

“Incredibly rich. Probably couldn’t drink more than one mouthful.”

“Unique but nice taste.”


“Easily the most filling, the eggnog compliments the chocolate in a way both unusual and pleasant, and provides right level of winter heartiness and comfort.”


Winter Spice

Unanimously the worst of the three, this one was particularly strange and threw most people off guard. Not for everyone, but compliments a mince pie very well if that’s your kinda thing.

“Very clove-y and a bit strange at first. Probably the drink of choice for fans of Chai Lattes as is the flavour isn’t altogether dissimilar.”

“Weird and flowery”

“Not sure if these spices were ever meant to go in Hot Chocolate.”

“Tastes very rich, overwhelmingly unusual for a Hot Chocolate.”

“Not really a fan? Feels like the spices should go on food and not in a drink.”

“Warming but weird.”


And finally…

The Mini Mince Pie


“Full of mince, surrounded by pie.”

“I like mince pies.”


There you have it. Chocolate Orange is the best. White Christmas is predominantly good but divides opinion. Winter Spice is weird but hey, you might still like it.

And if you like mince pies, you’ll like the mince pie.

Snap ‘em up while you can.

Die Hard baby


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