Despite having a relatively small cast of 16, the company in SUPAS’s A Night at the Musicals completely fills Sheffield’s Library Theatre. They begin with the strong opening number “The Stars Look Down” from Billy Elliot. Through wonderfully weaving layers of vocals, the first number of the night sets a high standard that never drops throughout the evening.

The production features famous classics such as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, which they perform with a zeal and a passion that would make Gene proud. This satisfaction from the audience quickly became apparent from the enthusiastic hollering and applause following many of the numbers throughout the night.

The show offers a chance for SUPAS to showcase the variety and talent that they have on offer. SUPAS have the ability to enthral with their infectious energy which was obvious from their performance of ‘The Rhythm of Life’ from Sweet Charity.

Marco Ramirez’s captivatingly emotive performance of ‘She’s out of my Life’ highlights the frequent changes in tone throughout the showcase. This is not a disruptive effect but enjoyable and effective.

‘Cell Block Tango’ from Chicago, an all-girl number was supported by excellent choreography by Jess Brown. However, possibly the most striking number within the production, with a little help from the smoke machine, is the classic ‘Phantom of the Opera’, performed by Stephen Bache and Niamh Finan. It feels as if the Phantom is in the room.

That being said, each song transports the audience whole heartedly through different musicals and different ages with flair and style that makes you wish it was not just for the night.



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