Everywhere you go there is annoying and over the top festivities, making you want to hide till January. Christmas adverts are no exception to that. From John Lewis and Sainsbury’s, all the way to M&S and Heathrow Airport, the battle for the best Christmas advert is just starting.

Having the best Christmas advert has become a tradition that most companies compete every year. It helps promote their business during this busy time of the year.

Each year Sainsbury’s and John Lewis typically claim the title of best ad, however, this year has seen a large rise in Christmas advert. This makes it difficult to judge. Firstly, John Lewis’ Advert follows the story of a little girl waiting to see her Christmas present. However, foxes, a badger, a squirrel and a hedgehog also show their passion for the present, revealed to be a trampoline. The family dog, Buster the Boxer, also shows an interest in the trampoline by beating the little girl to the gift and bouncing, a surprise to the family. The advert ends with a slogan about there being a gift for everyone.

This expensive ad contains CGI to show the animals and an excellent cover of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ by Vaults. This advert lacks excitement in the main storytelling as it is just about a girl waiting to open her present, but a dog likes her present too. However the special effects, cinematography and music really makes this as a contender.

Sainsbury’s advert is also just as grand as previous years with a special stop motion animation and a story that has a true meaning
of Christmas. It tells the story of Dave, a father, who goes out of his way to make his family happy at Christmas when he forgets that sometimes the best present at Christmas is himself.

This theme is shown throughout and makes the viewer really question the meaning of Christmas, however, the whole advert is let down by the endless vocals played by James Cordon. In addition, the meaning of “the best gift is you” is let down by Sainsbury’s saying to go buy their stuff.

A surprise addition to the Christmas line up is Heathrow Airport. This advert tells a story of two teddy bears trying to make it home for Christmas at Heathrow. The couple go through the airport till they are reunited with their family. The meaning behind this ad is that coming home for Christmas is the best gift of all. This is similar to Sainsbury’s with the idea of you being the best gift. This advert also uses CGI, similar to ‘Buster the boxer’ from John Lewis, and has a nice soundtrack along with subtle humour. There are no faults with this advert and therefore it beats both John Lewis and Sainsbury’s because of the excellent story, music and effects.

However, M&S has won the overall battle for best Christmas advert with their fantastic ad called ‘Christmas with Love from Mrs Claus’. The story is excellent and perfect in every way. It follows a boy who wants to repay his sister after breaking her shoes. Instead of the traditional method of writing a letter to Santa, the boy instead contacts Mrs Claus and she delivers the gift.

The meaning is fantastic and a refreshing approach to Christmas by using women to deliver the gifts, rather than the typical male Santa. The story also looks at a typical household which most viewers can relate to. Along with the perfect soundtrack and special effects, this advert really connects to the viewer unlike John Lewis and Sainsbury’s because of the use of real actors and little CGI.

M&S wins the title of best Christmas ad this year beating the typical winners of John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. Another important mention is the rise in adverts from Charities. Alzheimer Research UK, for example, has produced an excellent advert about how Santa forgets Christmas, a real hard-hitting ad showing the real issues people face at Christmas.

This shows that Christmas adverts aren’t that bad after all and that we can probably cope with non-stop festivities for a few months. Maybe.

Nick Cassidy


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