Over 10 years ago the first Bad Santa came to our screens.Now the whiskey-fuelled gang are back with a new mission. Willie Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) is forced to put the santa suit back on one more time. This time they are stealing from a charity.

Doesn’t get any lower than that does it? The film is filled with swearing, sex and any kind of offensive joke you can think of. Fans of other comedies of that style such as Ted will enjoy this film. But I definitely wouldn’t take my nan to see it. The material in the film is so crazy you would not think it would be legal to have such filthy jokes. But it works. More out of shock but nevertheless it still works.

There is an abundance of short jokes in the filming thanks to the inclusion of Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox). The height abuse is absolutely relentless and it is even used by the director when Marcus has to jump to get to everything. Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly) is also back on the team. The loveable Thurman shares the role with Marcus of getting comically abused in almost every scene.

Also, for some reason he cannot feel the cold because he never wears a jacket in most scenes, even though it is constantly snowing. Now that’s dedication.No gag in the film escapes from laughter. The comedic delivery from the characters in the flick is impeccable. You will laugh without anybody talking which takes great cinematographic skill.

Bad Santa 2 is not completely full of vulgar humour. It has quite touching moments as well. As fleeting as they may be, they still make an impact. It gives a break from the laughs and brings you back into Willie’s world.

What lets it down though is the lack of dimension from the characters. It feels there is something missing. They feel soulless. If they fleshed out each character more and perhaps humanised them, it would have been a welcome change. However, the characters do have interchanging relationships and the film has a great way of displaying that throughout. The small cast works perfectly. It allows you to not have to remember reams of characters like Game of Thrones. Its definite saving grace is its simplicity. That and Willie’s ludicrously funny one liners.

Bad Santa 2 is superbly funny and will have you gasping in shock over and over again. It has a long way to go before it reaches the legendary comedy heights of White Chicks, Norbit and Scary Movie but if you want a different type of Christmas cheer this year, then this film is absolutely perfect.


Adam Richmond


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