FIFA 17 is quite possibly the biggest sports game ever to be churned out of the EA Sports conveyor belt of game releases.

In previous iterations of the game it felt as though they had literally just clicked copy and paste and added a few fancy words to certain things to differentiate it from previous instalments. FIFA 17 seems to be the exception. With a whole new mode in the form of The Journey, and with the Frostbite Engine powering the game, it is a truly next-gen experience. The game takes a bit of getting used to in terms of how to tackle the new set pieces. Penalties and free kicks used to be easy to finish and felt quite formulaic whereas now the more realistic run up makes it connect more to the rest of the game.

It seems that in terms of gameplay, this FIFA is all about giving you more options when playing. And what makes this year’s game so stunningly beautiful? The Frostbite Engine. Everything from the lighting, the ball, the grass and even the beads of sweat on the players’ faces look fantastic. They’ve even mastered the physics of long hair, with the tops of certain players’ heads coming to life, bouncing when they run. It’s the little things that count.

Perhaps the best aspect of this year’s game is The Journey. You control Alex Hunter, a 17 year old from Clapham. From the title sequence it feels like a movie. The first thing I noticed being from South London was that the accents were perfect. The acting was captivating and it made the beautiful game of football come to life. I’m not going to say anything about how Alex Hunter’s journey pans out. Spoilers. With so much attention on The Journey, the only main negative of this year’s game is that Manager Career Mode and Ultimate Team seem to have taken a bit of a backseat role.

FIFA 17 is the best game EA have released in recent years. Even though it will be the biggest sports game out this year, it won’t be the best because of the neglect to other modes that it incorporates into the game.


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