The Bioshock trilogy is the latest franchise to receive the ‘remaster’ treatment, with Blind Squirrel Games teaming up with 2K to bring one of gaming’s critical darlings to current generation platforms.

Bioshock: The Collection comes with all three games upgraded to full HD 1080p and 60 frames per second in addition to enhanced audio. This especially brings Bioshock and Bioshock 2’s city of Rapture to life more than ever before, with the ocean floor populated with even more creatures of the deep and covered in various types of flora. Rapture itself is more vibrant and colourful as bright neon signs light up the surroundings, drawing comparisons to bustling cities around the world. The many environments the player will encounter within Rapture are again more detailed and visually impressive when compared to the originals, down to the littlest details such as improved running water and lighting.

The crisp, clear vocals of an already excellently voiced game and the revamped noises of gunfire really supplement this impressive remaster. However, all of these factors don’t necessarily improve on the original experience of the first two games.

Gameplay is largely untouched with repetitive combat scenarios and objectives that can feel stale in this modern age of gaming. The frame rate also drops significantly when too many objects are on screen and textures also take some time to load. Still, both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are thrilling experiences with twisting stories and interesting characters. For both new and veteran players these remasters really impress.

Where the collection doesn’t excel as much is in the third game of the trilogy, Bioshock Infinite. As it came out only three years prior to the remaster not a lot has been done to improve it. In fact, in the PC version Infinite isn’t even improved in terms of frame rate and graphics, with 2K stating the game already meets the publisher’s technical standards.

Despite this, Bioshock: The Collection is undoubtedly the best way to experience the Bioshock trilogy. With updated graphics and frame rates this is the best the first two games have ever looked, ensuring The Collection successfully compliments one of gaming’s biggest franchises.


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