Already Iron Fist has been met with a barrage of bad press. Maybe it’s because people are tiring of Marvel’s Netflix cash cow after Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, maybe people are tired of big special FX screen adaptations with poorly written scripts or maybe it’s because Marvel just aren’t about the comics or the fans anymore.

Danny Rand (Finn Jones) returns to Rand and Meachum Industries looking a little shabbier than when he left. One problem: Rand supposedly died in a plane crash with his parents years before.

Finn Jones essentially resembles a homeless Chris Pratt in the first episode. He just feels a little too like one of your old flatmates who wouldn’t shut up about his gap yarrrr in Cambodia than The Immortal Iron Fist. Whilst the first episode hints at his superhero training, it already seems we meet Rand when he is suitably skilled so it’s hard to foresee what superhero transformation can occur beyond this point.

Part of the problem is that with the release of Deadpool, the gap in the market for a ‘ninja’ superhero has already been filled. Instead we are left with a tai chi wielding white middle class bohemian, who also practises a bit of wall climbing in his spare time.

After a disappointing first episode, Marvel really needs to deliver if the series isn’t going to tank.


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