Sony revealed an impressive line-up at their E3 2017 conference, and any show with characters like Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross leading the way is bound to set a high standard of content throughout. Summarising the conference can be done with the classic PlayStation tag line: greatness awaits!

The strong opening consisted of developers Naughty Dog, Guerilla Games and Bend Studios showing off their new games in style. After an impressive show last year featuring a live orchestra, Sony again used live music to open the press conference. Traditional Indian instruments and even an on-stage waterfall set up the show alongside Claudia Black’s narrative, as a new story trailer of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy launched. Naughty Dog proved the series is still full of life as the visually stunning cinematics and witty humour typical of the franchise featured amongst blockbuster action. Protagonist Chloe Frazer has been a fan-favourite since her debut in 2009’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and we join her and Nadine Ross’ hunt for the tusk of Ganesh on August 22nd on PS4. Following the action from the Uncharted hype, snow fell from the ceiling as Guerrilla Games’ new DLC for Horizon Zero Dawn took to the stage. The Frozen Wilds is coming to PS4 in 2017 and will be a welcome addition to the PlayStation hit.

E3 2016 saw the gameplay demo of DAYS GONE, and at the time it wasn’t clear what we should make of the game- just that there was a lot of overwhelming zombie-ness. This year, as Bend Studio’s logo appeared, members of the audience began to cheer, recognizing the studio from last year and anticipating more from their new IP, and Bend didn’t let us down. The footage shown was rich in content; motorbike gameplay may suggest an open world, and zombie wolves and bears revealed another layer of threats to be met during gameplay, which also saw new free form combat and scavenging for resources included. When the trailer finished, a member of the audience was bowing to the stage and the opening of the press conference came to a close.

Shawn Layden, President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, declared that “Playstation is home to the biggest and best franchises in the world. It has never been a better time to be a gamer” before leaving the stage for Monster Hunter World from Capcom to make a comeback- it will be on consoles early 2018. Following this came the announcement of Shadow of the Colossus; this beautiful remake will allow fans to re-live a classic from the PS2 glory days. It seems that revisiting iconic characters and franchises that gamers know and love has been especially prevalent this year.

After the reveal of Marvell vs. Capcom Infinite came Call of Duty’s usual slot- CoD has been at E3 every year since 2003, and their newest title will be releasing November 3rd.

The conference steadily moved onto its VR section of announcements, and yet again another iteration of Skyrim was revealed. In typical Final Fantasy style, a totally random extreme fishing addition for FFXV; Monster of the Deep, is coming September 2017.

Interestingly, as The Inpatient was announced, the chilling vibes of the trailer were oddly familiar. Various clues hint this is perhaps as a prequel to the successful horror game Until Dawn. In contrast, the immersive and charming world of MOSS will be a lighter hearted change of tune for VR content.

2013 saw the release of the last God of War instalment, and the eighth in the series has been highly anticipated since its announcement last year. A montage of footage expanded on the role of Kratos’ son in both story and during gameplay, and subtle additions such as Atreus clinging on to Kratos’ back during traversal really highlights the maturing of the franchise and the new direction the developers are taking the series. Kratos will teach Atreus how to become a warrior, and their journey is coming to PS4 early 2018- giving you just enough time to mentally prepare for fatherhood.

Detroit: Become Human introduced another playable character in Marcus, leader of the android revolution. The montage from Quantic Dream showed further emphasis on the players’ control of the story direction, and Detroit looks to be structured around the premise of generating several results from any scenario even more so than previous titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. However, anyone familiar with these David Cage games will know a thing or two about what to expect; usually the likes of frustrating choices, awkward sex scenes, flashbacks, quick time events and maybe a helpful homeless character along the way.

Insomniac games closed the show with a ten-minute slot dedicated to the all-new Spider-Man game coming 2018. Luckily it’s not another Peter Parker origin story, meaning we won’t have to experience Uncle Ben dying again. What was shown however was some fun combat sequences and web-slinging traversal through New York. The content was very cinematic; if you look past the stream of quick time events, there wasn’t that much complicated gameplay going on. However, what was satisfying was the brief appearance of character and future Spidey Miles Morales, right at the end of the conference. The new Marvel adventure is sure to be good fun for fans of Spider-Man old and new.


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