News of a remaster of the first three Crash Bandicoot games will have excited many gamers and Vicarious Visions’ take on the classic platformer certainly delivers on nostalgia.

“The game has clearly been crafted with a lot of love.”

Seeing the characters, sounds and visuals with a fresh lick of paint will no doubt bring memories flooding back. The game has clearly been crafted with a lot of love for the Naughty Dog original, which graced the Playstation 1 in 1996. Professional Crash players and speed runners were consulted during the development process and it absolutely shows, with the controls feeling spot on.

Fair warning must be given: these games are difficult, at times even frustrating. But so were the originals; in a time when games are getting easier and gamers are spoon-fed rather than challenged, Vicarious have clearly chosen to retain the qualities of the originals rather than pander to current trends. And that is something which absolutely should be applauded. No matter how many annoying deaths or angrily thrown controllers the player will encounter, they’ll keep coming back for more. The challenging nature of the games is exciting rather than off putting, which is a concept other developers should definitely take note of.

“One of the most iconic platformers of all time.”

In terms of value for money, the N. Sane Trilogy is one of the best remasters on the market. Many would grimace at the thought of spending £30 on a 20-year-old series, but those willing to splash out will get plenty of bang for their buck. Offering three full games and at least 15 hours of gameplay, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. Levels remain fresh and exciting throughout, living up to its name as one of the most iconic platformers of all time.

The N. Sane Trilogy is the perfect remaster, fully utilising the benefits of the technology whilst retaining the charm and difficulty of the original games. The beach-bum marsupial is well and truly back and he’s never looked so good. Whether a returning fan looking for a trip down memory lane or a newbie looking to see catch up on a classic, the N. Sane Trilogy is a must for any PS4 owner.



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