Here at Lifestyle, we’re in love with dogs. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show you the best doggos in Sheffield. Thank us later.

In no particular order:


Hampton the Shih Tzu: Hampton was on a walk with his owner. He was friendly and looked great.


Jacob the King Charles Spaniel: Jacob waited patiently for a treat to have his photo taken.

Henderson and Stanley

Henderson and Stanley the Labradors: These two very good doggos were waiting for their owner outside a shop. The owner explained that they both had “two good Sheffield names”.


Bert the Bedlington Terrier: Five-month-old Bertie had a good sniff of the camera before having his photo taken.


Ginger the Jack Russell cross: Very interested in the 10k race going on in the park.


Chase the Golden Retriever puppy: The 17-week-old sat very patiently despite being so young.


Meg the Border Collie: She came over sniffed the camera and sat leaning on the photographer’s side, waiting for a cuddle.


Obi the Border Terrier: Obi was very good and won best condition in the Halifax agricultural show.


Sam the Collie rescue: He was a slightly nervous boy but very affectionate.


Gus the Pug: Gus was a very good smiley boy.


Gizmo the Lhasa Apso: Gizmo wasn’t sure of the camera and growled but still enjoyed sitting on their owner’s lap while they had a coffee in the park.


Maisy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier: It’s often argued that staffies are dangerous dogs, but Maisy was a very good girl.


Ruby the Working Cocker Spaniel: This smiling girl was very obedient despite how much energy she had.


Dexter the Lurcher: This happy boy is seven years old.


Audrey the Jack Russell: This extremely fast girl was named after actress and style icon Audrey Hepburn. She was enjoying her Sunday with her family chasing after a ball.


Eric the Jack Russell: Cheeky boy Eric was with his owner at a park bench standing on his hind legs for treats.


Percy the Wirehaired Dachshund: Percy was a very smart boy sitting nicely while wearing his bright red collar.


Mabel the Labradoodle: This fun girl really enjoyed her time at the park.


Teddy the Spanish Water Dog: Teddy had just finished a 2k run with the kids he was with. After the photo was taken, the owner said: “That was the only time he has sat still all day.”


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