This new section gives students the chance to share their travel experiences and shine light on where they think others should be heading.

Despite the USA making the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently, there is still plenty across the pond to tempt budding travellers.

Hannah Gormley, a 3rd year Biology student, spent a year abroad in Oregon and travelled around the States, experiencing a land of soccer, Bud Light and Cheetos.

I did a trip up through Olympic National Park in Washington, along the coast and up to Vancouver, British Columbia and Vancouver Island during Spring Break.

At Christmas I was really lucky.I managed to go to New York and that was just madness and then when I finished I did a huge road trip with a friend from school. I also had an amazing week in Cuba.

It began in Vancouver and travelled through Washington, Montana, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, California, Yosemite, Redwood National Park, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

I drove my dad’s 23 foot RV. Everything was a little bit broken in it but besides that it was amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to do half the trip without it.

The toilet seats were so hot they would burn your bum. The water came out of the taps boiling hot.

As well as travelling, me and my friends developed our cultural understanding of American food – with coffee taste tests in every city, and donuts in every Wal-Mart.

We also attempted to try every flavour of Oreo on offer (you would not believe how many there are). The final verdict? The Oreo Coconut Thins came out on top.

Hannah Gormley in Times Square, New York City

Recommended location
Oregon has got the beauty of California without all the crowds of tourists. It’s really unspoilt and everywhere you go you discover something new, it’s so green and magical.

Sweaty, dusty and disgusting
I would never camp again in Death Valley, there was only two of us in the entire campsite, it was 45 degrees at night and the toilet seats were so hot they would burn your bum. The water came out of the taps boiling hot and everything was just sweaty, dusty and disgusting.

Favourite things about being in America
The university experience. It’s exactly what you would think it would be like in America, all the fraternities, sororities, marching bands and cheerleaders, it was really cool.

Also the national parks, every single place you drive to has completely different scenery, it’s so beautiful.

America summed up in 3 words?
Mad, beautiful & welcoming.

Next time
I would love to go back and do the Californian coast properly, get a surfboard, the RV and chill out.

One tip for those wanting to visit the US?
Get a campervan.

If you could jump on a plane tomorrow…?
I’d go to Guatemala or Belize.


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