Situated on London Road, one of Sheffield’s most diverse and multicultural areas, Amigos was recently awarded the title of Best Mexican in the North at the English annual Food Awards. With a sizeable downstairs seating area and an upstairs mezzanine, there’s plenty of space to have a meal out with the whole flat or family. Admittedly, the upstairs lights had stopped working when we arrived, but just in case anyone didn’t enjoy eating tacos in the dark, Amigos fixed the problem and stuck some candles upstairs instead.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by a lively atmosphere and friendly staff, who managed to seat us within minutes, despite it being packed.

It was actually better than Taco Bell.

The restaurant operates a BYOB policy, which is almost too good to be true for an award-winning establishment in the middle of a large city. We were directed to the off-license across the road, which is both really convenient and also perfect for those who spend half their weekly budget on blue pints in Corp and don’t want to fork out for the usual expensive restaurant prices. Why not kill two birds with one stone and pre-drink whilst you’re eating? Amazing.

And the food’s not bad either. Of course, being cliché English Literature students we didn’t actually order anything with meat in it, but we can definitely vouch for the vegetarian options we tried.

We ordered the mushroom and vegetable fajitas, which were served with nachos and three different dips – salsa, something green and really spicy (we don’t think it was guacamole) and sour cream (which we were really thankful for after trying the spicy green dip). It was pretty great. And for £5.50, we couldn’t turn down Amigos vegetable tacos, served with nachos and a small salad. It was actually better than Taco Bell – we promise.

The staff were attentive to everyone’s needs and were all friendly and hospitable, creating a great atmosphere for us and the guy behind us who was celebrating his birthday.

This place is absolutely perfect for students with a taste for authentic Mexican food and saving money, so if you’re fed up with beans on toast and Henderson’s Relish, Amigos is the place for you.

Image credit: Amigos Mexican Kitchen


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