The cast of SUPAS’ Musicals Through the Ages delivered some memorable performances as they rattled through a variety of songs from the 1940s to the present day.

The theme of starting with the old and ending with new allowed the audience to hear and see how musicals have changed throughout the 20th Century, covering comedies and tragedies as well as the classics like Les Miserables and Guys and Dolls.

To say the performances improved as the night wore on would be an understatement. A combination of the cast and band growing in confidence along with the actual music getting easier meant that by the end of night the audience were calling for more. Rodgers and Hammerstein scores from the 40s and 50s are tough lyrically and musically, whereas 21st century musicals, like Legally Blonde, are much easier – and it showed.

The overture of Cole Porter’s musical Anything Goes could have been stronger. A lack of tuning combined with the cold theatre meant there were quite a few wrong notes. Some of the song choices, such as ‘16 Going On 17’ from the Sound of Music also felt incredibly dated even within the historical theme, and there were plenty of great musicals from the 70s and 80s that could have been included.

But, there’s no point focussing on negatives when you have performers as energetic and enthusiastic as those on display at the Montgomery Theatre. Both they and the creative team should be proud of the work they put it; the choreography and dancing in particular were incredibly impressive, especially in ‘One’ from Chorus Line. There were clearly some great dancers in the cast.

The highlight of the night was Zachary Lewis’ ‘Dentist’ from Little Shop of Horrors which was hilariously performed and brilliantly sung. Poppy Lockwood acted brilliantly in ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ from The Little Mermaid and the full cast performance of ‘Bend and Snap’ from Legally Blonde was wonderfully funny.

A final highlight was Zachary Lewis combining with Debbie Allen to sing ‘Sunrise’ from In The Heights – they sang beautifully.

It was an enjoyable evening. I look forward  to SUPAS’ next show!

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Photo by Dan Lewington.


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