Sheffield graduates Dannielle and Pete recently celebrated the anniversary of the night they met at Xmas Pop Tarts 2010. Seven years later, married and with a baby on the way, we caught up with the King and Queen of Pop Tarts to find out how everyone’s favourite union night has changed and how you too can find the love of your life hidden amidst the masses of empty VKs.

Hey guys! Here at Forge we love wholesome stories almost as much as we love Pop Tarts, can you tell us a bit about what happened that fateful night?
Dannielle: Well, the night we met is quite a hazy memory, but we’ll do our best. I remember making eye contact with Pete and thinking he was good looking, but neither of us made a move. I subtly told my now best friend, Chloe (a friend I’d met in halls in my first year of uni) who then not so subtly beckoned Pete over.
Chloe insisted she was credited in this article and even referred to herself as the physical version of Tinder. It was only right that we asked her to do a reading at our wedding 5 years later.
Pete: I then awkwardly asked Dannielle for her number, before I’d even asked her name and offered to buy her a drink. She asked for tap water….
Dannielle: Cheap date. He then explained all about his degree in Town Planning and I had no idea what it was and, despite him having a career in Town Planning for the past 6 years, I still don’t have a clue now.
Pete: We then had our first date at Interval a few days later!

Do you remember what song was playing when you met?
Not a clue, sorry!

What are your all-time, indisputable, run-back-into-the-room-if-you-were-leaving, favourite Pop Tarts tunes?
Dannielle: Anything from the 90s – that narrows it down, doesn’t it?
Pete: Jackson 5.

The best SU night, without question

Which is better, big room or small room?
Dannielle: Big room!
Pete: Big room.

I think it’s safe to say, the VK is the staple of every student’s Pop Tarts experience. Were you guys partial to the odd VK and if so, what’s your favourite colour? (In case you need a reminder: red – strawberry and lime, green – apple and mango, yellow – tropical fruits, blue – flavour described simply as “blue”).
Dannielle: VK Apple!
Pete: VK Apple!
They high five each other.
Dannielle: There was no Apple and Mango back in the day, that’s far too exotic!

Pop Tarts has always been a night of non-stop retro pop, but it now comes with a mixture of more current ‘Back to the Future’ tunes (which is essentially whatever’s number one in the charts that week). Do you remember what the biggest songs of your uni experience were? Please say JLS…
Dannielle: Has to be a bit of Flo Rida – Low, Soulja Boy – Crank That and Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow.
Pete: Tinie Tempah – Pass Out.

And finally, Dannielle and Pete, help us settle the debate – what’s the best Christmas music? 
Dannielle: Pogues, but O Holy Night (the Home Alone version) always gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.
Pete: Wham!


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