Charlie Heywood-Heath

A rather snowy Graves Park, a great place for students to visit throughout the year, not just winter.

Many of our students travel abroad in the holidays. Sam took the following shots in the French Alps.

Sam Birkitt

Looking back from the bottom of a ski slope at Les Arcs, France.

Sam Birkitt

Snowy overlook: Taken from the top of a mountain in the Alps looking towards Mont Blanc.

Juliet Cookson

These snowy surroundings were taken at the top of Bole Hill.

Adam Richmond

Taken on a chilly but sunny day looking over Crookes Valley Park.

Dan West

This robin was spotted looking for food in during the winter months.

Dan West

The cold can certainly be felt up in the Peaks. Dan West took this great shot of a herd of sheep out in their field.

Ingrida Norkute

This was taken near Ingrida’s home in Vilnius, Lithuania. The weather started to get pretty harsh, and parts of the lake had already frozen over, so the ducks and the swans were enjoying the last bits that were not yet covered by ice.

Ingrida Norkute

This picture was taken in the Black Forest, Germany. The Black Forest was an inspiration for numerous fairy tales, and you can see why – it does look quite magical. Oh, and have you ever wondered where the the Black Forest Gateau comes from? Yes, exactly.


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