AMA Y BEBE (Love & Drink) by Marta Soul, a notable Spanish photographer who is making waves in the UK, opened last week at DINA.

Soul operates like a ‘mise en scene’ director – setting the stage, casting the actors and filming, to later carefully select and construct the perfect image. Her work reproduces day-to-day social reality, such as the nuances of gender roles and the rituals of drinking, making new traditions visible to the audience. The narratives emulate the atmosphere of family gatherings both in Spain and in the UK.

Along with my partner, I volunteered to be photographed as part of the exhibition. It is a highly recommendable experience (sitting at someone else’s table, being served wine, and celebrating your Valentine’s Day, and being shot like a star). If you would like you and your partner to be changed into art, please go. You will be portrayed in an artistic way made possible by Soul’s combination of Spanish and English traditions, which fit together in an extraordinary well-built puzzle.

Like in an Almodovar film, Marta Soul´s exhibition brings a sense of humour and intelligence into the centre of modern life and allows the viewer to play with different interpretations. The exhibition and ongoing photography project is taking place at DINA until 30 March.

Image credit: Dina Venue


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