It’s not often that comedy and musical go hand in hand, but SUPAS’s The Addams Family manages to make it work in a way that takes you through a heart-warming redemption story. It’s a textbook Hollywood romance that makes you laugh the whole way along.

Set in the dark world of the Addams family mansion, we are introduced to the family as daughter Wednesday has recently turned eighteen and fallen in love. Unfortunately for her she has fallen in love with a ‘normal’ boy called Lucas who comes from a ‘normal’ family, a choice she is sure will not sit too well with the rest of her family. When Lucas visits the family home with his parents Alice and Mal, all manner of hilarity ensues. Wednesday and Lucas discover what it really means to be normal and both their respective sets of parents re-discover why they fell in love with each other all those years ago.

As always SUPAS has put together an impressive assemblage of leads, all of whom deliver powerful vocal performances throughout the production, but it is difficult not to give special mention to Lily Backler whose vocal performance as Wednesday Addams really carries the show forward with momentum. Despite being dubbed a musical-comedy, it is not simply the music that creates a tremendous show. There are also some beautifully hit comedic performances: Zac Lewis’ overhyped, and well-meaning Uncle Fester was the source of many a laugh from the audience. But really the gold medal for comedy must be handed to Stephen Bache for his performance as the family butler Lurch; while a relatively small part the comedic timing was second to none and really helped to create a well-rounded show.

Seeing it on the opening night meant the performance wasn’t without its teething problems. An overly loud orchestra (who otherwise were beyond excellent) occasionally drowning out the performers and a couple of missed cues were the only blemishes on an otherwise pitch-perfect show. If you haven’t yet had a chance to see a SUPAS show, it is definitely worth your time to get yourself down to their next one.

Photo credits: Dan Lewington


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