Finding the Orange Island demo at EGX Rezzed was like unearthing an ancient gaming relic. The game is an independently developed 8-bit adventure with five playable characters, each with their own unique stats and special abilities to assist in exploration of their 2D world. The demo showcased a new retro world that we at Forge Games can’t wait to see more of.

After wandering through the perilous dungeons below and stumbling back to the safe haven of our house, we couldn’t help but get the feeling that behind the cute graphic style and pleasant pastel colours, there was an impressive amount of depth to Orange Island.

The game is still in very early development stages but its strong retro style has already taken center stage. Sole developer Ted plans to use classic visuals against a modern twist, telling Forge Games he sees the whole game as a balancing act. “I want to inject modern themes into the story without breaking the illusion that you’re playing a long-lost NES game from the early 90s”, he says. “So, as you’re playing you might recognise allusions to current events and issues but I want to retain a level of subtlety, nothing too self-referential or witty.”

With big plans to expand the breezy overworld and the caves below, Orange Island is definitely a game to keep tabs on. We can’t wait to see the result of this modern-retro dichotomy.

Follow the development of Orange Island at:

Twitter: @orangeislegame




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