Picture this: you’re at high school and you’re kind of a loser. Prom is coming up in three weeks time, the most important event in any teenager’s life, and you’re desperate for a date. The catch? You’re a monster, as is the rest of the student body.

The entire game’s concept is simple, get a date for prom. You do this by exploring the school and encountering dateable ghoulies, hoping that when the time comes one of them will take your miserable acne-ridden teenage self to prom. The best part is that the game allows four different players to battle it out and get dates for prom, back-stabbing and toe-stepping abound! Let the games begin!

Us at Forge have taken a stab at wooing these monsters and are compelled tell you about our experiences of this phenomenal game. Don’t fret about spoilers, as the game is randomly generated and there are hundreds of different outcomes, scenarios, and endings for you to see.

Tom Buckland’s take: 

My name is Tom, but in Monster land my name was Vicky, a quirky and cute Frankenstein’s bride with their eyes firmly set on Polly Geist, the school’s spooky ghost and also the resident party animal. It was a rough journey. There were times when Polly doubted my skills in love (specifically, the bedroom) and there were times when, in my efforts to woo her, I kidnapped a man for her to do whatever she pleased with, only to find her affections were stronger for him than I!

However, I had an ace up my sleeve. I visited the school’s shop, run by a cat, and bought a white sheet with two holes cut out in it: a ghost costume. The entire school from then on was convinced I was a ghost (besides the hipster vampire) and Polly adored it. She had a ghost friend, and thus, she fell in love with me.

That’s right. I wooed the ghost by pretending in the most shoddy way possible to be a ghost. Lying is the way to love, you heard it here first.

Oh, and I totally told Polly that my rival was going to take FOREVER to die and so was super incompatible with her. Back off. She’s mine.

Chloe Dervey’s take: 

What did I do to try and secure a date for the Monster Prom? What didn’t I do.

There he was. Damien, the fiery prince of hell sitting at the middle table in the cafeteria, plotting the best ways to violently quell a peasant revolt. There I was: Brian, a massive Frankenstein-looking monster with a tendency to skip class and throw some mad shapes at a rave on the school grounds. We were the perfect match, or so I thought.

My competition, the dastardly handsome prince from another dimension, threatened to steal Damien from my cold undead grasp. I had to whip up something smart, something bold, something creative if I was to catch him by his devil horns and make him mine forever.

I seized the opportunity to hang with the local witch coven (who didn’t appear on our first play-through) and boy did they do me a solid. After a series of transfiguration spells of a certain, shall we say, aviatic nature, Damien was impressed with Brian and frankly so was I.

Unfortunately at this point poor Brian’s charm skill was so low that she accidentally insulted Damien’s grandmother in an attempt at flirting. It all started going drastically downhill, and ended with a stream of insults so savage that I’m still not quite over it. No, Brian did not get a date to the Monster Prom, but she did get likened to a disappointingly bland spice in Damien’s heated rage.


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