Square Enix’s conference this year was a little short on big news, but there were a few trailers which sparked intrigue and provided a bit of excitement for scattered contingents of smaller fanbases. Here’s a roundup of SE’s smaller announcements this year.

These were two highly mysterious reveals. The former had live action footage in its trailer, which featured a deaf man (with an outrageous fringe) taking on two street thugs, hinting at combat-centric gameplay. At the start of the fight, the footage reverts to in-game, the sound disappearing, replaced with a tinnitus-like whine, intercut with the tagline ‘SILENCE RINGS LOUDEST’. This implies deafness will be incorporated into the game’s mechanics.

Babylon’s Fall had a montage of dark fantasy art, depicting a history spanning thousands of years, ending on a group of ‘Nomads’ standing outside a giant castle. The developer is PlatinumGames, creator of crazy hack ‘n slash adventures like Bayonetta – so, similar gameplay could be expected, despite the Souls-like vibe evoked by the trailer. Not much else is known other than that the games are coming to PS4 and Steam, in August and sometime next year respectively. Both games provide a good deal for the curious gamer to speculate over.

This will be a new instalment in DontNod Entertainment’s Life is Strange universe. The trailer suggests that the game will be stylistically similar to the mainline Life is Strange games, but focused around childlike imagination rather than teenage drama and time travel. If you’ve never played a game from the series before, put simply, its gameplay is similar to that of Telltale Games’ player choice and narrative-driven design. The trailer talked about spaceships, superheroes and monsters, but doesn’t showcase any gameplay, so the game remains a mystery, although it has been stated to be ‘100% Free’, and available from June 26 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Alongside more traditional RPGs, the story trailer for the Europe and North America release of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age was revealed. The game has already been out in Japan on 3DS and PS4 since July of 2017, but nonetheless, UK fans of the charming RPG have something to look forward to in its release on September 4 for PS4 and PC, with a Switch release later in the year. There have also been more trailers for the much anticipated Switch exclusive Octopath Traveler, and a demo will be available June 14, which will allow players to play the first chapter of every character and transfer the data to the full game later; a tasty morsel for those waiting for the game’s July 13 release. SE also teased a collaboration between their MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World this summer, two games which undoubtedly have a lot of fanbase overlap. Nier: Automata is also getting an Xbox One release in the Become As Gods Edition, including all previous DLC, coming June 26.

Image: Octopath Traveler / Square Enix & Acquire


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