2014’s The Crew was a game with a lot of potential and some amazing ideas but was unfortunately let down by major issues. Despite this, it managed to sell pretty well – well enough that Ubisoft greenlit a sequel.

The Crew 2 is an open world racing game and this time, in addition to cars and motorcycles, it also has boats and airplanes. Graphically, The Crew 2 is simply stunning, particularly impressive when the road is a little bit wet. Sometimes it begins to snow in the middle of the race and the dynamic weather change looks amazing, showing clearly how it slowly affects the tracks as well as the cars. However, the draw distance can be an issue. In cities you won’t notice it but, in an airplane or the desert you will constantly notice rocks and trees popping up. Of course this ensures the game runs smoothly, and honestly it isn’t too much of a bother because the graphics are just incredible.

Moving on to music; if you enjoy rock, electro or trap music, then you will probably love The Crew 2’s soundtrack as well. Additionally, the sound effects are so good that you could play without any background music and never feel that something is missing.

Now to the gameplay – the game has 14 disciplines so far, ranging from rally to street racing. Progression builds with the number of followers you gain, i.e. the more popular you get, the more disciplines you unlock. There is also a loot system which allows you to find parts to upgrade your vehicles. The game has cars, boats, bikes and airplanes but bear in mind that it is an arcade racing game, so do not expect any realistic physics. Other than that it’s a fun game with a tonne of variety, and the possibility to quickly switch between vehicles is awesome.

There’s currently no PVP, but developer Ivory Tower have stated that they plan to add multiplayer in the next 5-6 months. Other long term content includes 2 new vehicles every month as well as a new discipline and a game feature every 3 months. So even after you’re done with the game, which will probably take hundreds of hours, there is still plenty of reason to play it again whenever a new update is out, contributing to the replayability value.

Considering the amount of time someone can spend on the game right now, coupled with free additional content and solid gameplay, The Crew 2 offers one of the best value-for-money racing experiences in gaming.


Image credit – The Crew 2/Ubisoft 


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