Harriet Evans chatted to indie band RedFaces about their upcoming show at Tramlines and their favourite things about the Steel City.

How did you get together and how long ago did you form RedFaces?

We formed RedFaces when we were all in school together. It was something to do at lunch time and we were all into the same music, so it seemed like a bright idea. We pretty much just kept gigging and writing from there and it slowly became something we could do full time.

Who would you say are some of your biggest influences?

To be honest, we take influence from anything and everything. We were all brought up on music from the 60s, all the way through to 90s Britpop stuff, but since being in the band together we’ve all shown each other so many different sides to music. Since discovering bands like The Strokes and Tame Impala, it’s kind of taught us how many different ways of recording there are.

As you’re from Sheffield, what are some of your favourite things about the city?

There’s always a great vibe in Sheffield. There’s countless gigs on and it’s a great place to start up a band, even if you’re just school kids wanting to play covers in a tiny venue.

I also love how green Sheffield is. When you go to different places gigging you really begin to appreciate how many trees and green parts there are in the city. It makes a change to tall, ugly buildings and most places aren’t nearly as picturesque. We’ve made great friends here and it’s a great community to be a part of.

Are you excited for your show at Tramlines? Do you have anything special planned for it?

Yeah we can’t wait! It’s such a great lineup this year. We are on early so we’ll probably just stay around for some other bands and go out to The Leadmill. If you’re talking about what we’ve got planned for the gig, then we can’t let you in on that. Trade secret.

Are you going to any other festivals this year?

Yeah we’re going to quite a few. The only festival we are staying at, that I know of, is YNOT. It was the first proper festival we went to and played at, so we can’t wait to go back.

Do you have any pre/post show rituals?

Not really, just depends what happens on the day. If the weather’s nice we might have a little disposable barbecue in a park nearby before the gig, but if it’s looking a bit dull we might slide on down to a Spoons or something like that.

Do you have a favourite track to perform live?

I think it’s always the newest songs in the set we prefer doing. It’s like when you’ve imagined the way something sounds and you finally get to hear it and translate it live. There’s a couple of new tracks in the set so we will be looking forward to playing them this summer. Our last song in the set, ‘Take it or Leave It’, is always fun too.

Is there a particular show or moment that’s stood out for you and why?

We’ve had some great shows already this year. Playing with DMA’s has been great fun and all the festivals we’ve done this year have really set the bar high for the rest of our gigs. Tramlines and YNOT will definitely be highlights of the festival season for us, as they’re so close to home.

What’s your plan for after the summer?

We’re just going to keep writing, recording, messing about in the van and playing gigs. It’s a long process trying to get your music out there, so we are just happy playing as many gigs as possible to as many people we can. We’ll be on tour again in the Autumn after the festivals and hopefully have a couple more songs out. We want to release as much material as possible this year, it’s just trying to get everything in place to allow us to do.


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