We’ve seen you’ve got a very busy summer ahead! How was Neighbourhood Weekender?

Insane! It was the biggest show we have ever played and we loved every minute.

How does it feel to be playing a slot at a festival in your hometown?

It is awesome. We have our biggest headline shows in Sheffield and they always go off, so we can’t wait to smash it.

Do you have anything special planned for your performance at Tramlines?

We’re going to play it by ear and judge the crowd on the day but you never know with us. Anything could happen. It would be nice to try out a new tune for the fans so we’ll see. We’re more than up for it though and we love playing Sheffield.

How do you feel about being up there on a line-up with Noel Gallagher and Stereophonics, do you still get star struck?

Can’t wait, we love both bands. Stereophonics are a huge influence and their setlist is a joke, there’s that many hits on it! It’s good to be a part of it and to be mentioned in the same breath as those two! But not really no, they’re just people like anyone else.

Have you checked out the Tramlines after parties?

No, I haven’t yet. Might have to have a look and see what’s happening, but to be honest we’re one of them bands that starts our own after party wherever it may be. We’ve got our own little circle we like to keep with, but we’ll see.

Are there any new Sheffield bands that you think we should check out?

Oddity Road are a class act. They’ve supported us a few times on our UK tours.

What would you say the best moment has been for you as a band so far?

I would say releasing our debut album and it reaching number six. It was a great day when we found out our position in the charts because we were playing Reading Festival to about 20,000 people.

If you had to listen to only listen to one album for a whole year what would you pick?

It would have to be Liam Gallagher ‘As You Were’, we’re still obsessed with it.

We’ve seen you’re touring in autumn and you’ve already sold out Leeds! You must be pretty excited.

Yes, we’re also super excited for touring Europe in the autumn which is always eventful. We’re buzzing to be back in the UK too, every gig will be crazy and full of passionate fans.


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