Hearts Beat Loud, directed by Brett Haley, follows father-daughter team Frank (Nick Offerman) and Sam (Kiersey Clemons). Frank owns a record store which is going out of business and he wants to start a band with his daughter before she leaves for college. Eventually she must decide if she wants to go to UCLA and study medicine or to stay with her father and be in a band.

The movie is short and simple and, despite being cliché and a little corny at times, the heartwarming story between father and daughter is superb and both actors give wonderful performances.

Ever since starring in Dope (2015) Clemons has gone from strength to strength with every role she plays. And Offerman is just dynamite. He plays Frank with such nuance that the most tiny, specific moments are full of tangible, authentic pain. Music is his escape and brings out a totally different side to the character, one full of happiness and love.

The movie isn’t a musical but as you’d expect it does have strong musical elements. The indie soundtrack is beautiful and Clemons steals the show with her beautiful voice.

There haven’t been many more uplifting films in 2018. The father-daughter relationship is so sweetly portrayed. Sam is a lesbian but the film doesn’t dwell on that fact. In the same way her father doesn’t, he just knows. There is something rewarding that comes with a simple 90-minute plot that the audience can relate to. Brett Haley deserves huge praise for giving us a wonderful, refreshing and rarely-seen story that achieves both comedy and drama in a very realistic way.

While there are a few subplots that we forget until they’re brought back to the fore, Hearts Beat Loud accomplishes everything it sets out to, portraying a joyful tale of two people discovering their passion in life.

4 stars

Image Credit: Movie DB


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