Denzel Washington returns as Robert McCall, a part-time Lyft driver who is secretly using his skills as an ex-intelligence officer to save good people from wrong-doers. He is aided in this once again by Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo), an old friend still in the intelligence industry. Everything changes, however, when Plummer is murdered by a group of assailants after investigating an apparent murder-suicide. McCall sets out to avenge his friend.

The movie has a main plot alongside a number of subplots. One subplot follows a young man named Miles Whittaker (Ashton Sanders) and the character is quite likeable and has a strong screen presence in the film.

Denzel Washington (besides Liam Neeson) is one of the best old-man-action-stars working in the industry today. Denzel is so inherently watchable, especially as  the calm, cool and collected McCall. He is ruthless when dealing with bad guys.

The movie’s action sequences deserve a salute. There are some pretty intense action scenes that are both violent and explicit. The editing in the movie is also excellent, especially during car sequences. Director Antoine Fuqua is very familiar with this world having directed the previous instalment, and he really knows how to get the best out of Washington as a lead.

The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous – the camera is always moving with great tracking shots. Combined with the editing, particularly in sequences built for suspenseful moments, it makes for top quality, heart-pounding action.

The Equalizer 2 does have a slightly different feel to the first film. The Equalizer was a bit more action-heavy, while The Equalizer 2 tries to balance itself out with better storylines and drama. Despite this, the audience can easily predict what might happen next in the movie, leaving very few surprises left.

Overall, it’s an entertaining, enjoyable movie. And if you go to the theatres and switch off your brain, you’ll have a blast. The movie does have some issues with occasional predictability and stale villains, but apart from that the movie is well edited and is, at times, suspenseful, improved by a great performance by Denzel Washington.

3 stars

Image Credit: Movie DB.


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