The biggest football game in the world is back (sorry PES), and this time it’s actually significantly improved.

The big headline for this year’s FIFA is that they now have Champions League rights. This brings with it the authentic broadcast package, kit patches, ball and, of course, the trophy. The addition is well needed after seeing Champions Cup plastered across every career mode until now. There’s now a Champions League tournament in kick-off , if you want to see which of your friends is  the tournament master.

You can now channel your inner Guardiola and become a tactical mastermind with the new tactics options in the squad menu. You can change what each player should be doing, depending on whether you’re getting every man behind the ball or crowding the opponent’s half, with an attacking style that would even make Jurgen Klopp blush.

Career mode only really has cosmetic changes this year. With Champions League graphics galore, they’ve replicated the draw (yes, you can see a guy take out a piece of paper that says Doncaster). But, apart from that, not much has changed.

The Journey, the game’s campaign mode, is back for the last part of Alex Hunter’s story and this year they give you a few more options than just playing with the South London star. They allow you to play with side characters Danny Williams and Kim Hunter. . Alex Hunter finally fulfills his dream of playing for Real Madrid, and through the story you will see how he copes with life in Spain.

One mode that really sets it apart from last year’s game is Kick Off mode. It’s no longer just a regular match, you have the choice of playing House Rules, Survival Mode, No Rules, Long Range, First To…, Headers & Volleys, Best of Series, Home & Away and Cup Finals. You can also make accounts so you can track the stats of your friends, so there’s no more debate. Then you can see who the real King or Queen of FIFA 19 is in your home.

FIFA 19 is a must buy this year with the addition of the Champions League. It’s certain controllers will be thrown across rooms due to injury-time bicycle kicks, making it an essential buy for your uni house.

4 stars

Image: FIFA 19 / EA


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