It’s a better shooter

Respawn Entertainment are no stranger to the FPS genre, spawned from the remnants of Infinity Ward, the developer originally behind Call of Duty, which reigned supreme over the gaming zeitgeist for many years. The freshly reformed Respawn went on to cut their teeth with the Titanfall series. Although both these franchises have their flaws, they are undoubtedly some of the best playing shooters ever made; gameplay is balanced and fun, with slick movement and solid shooting. Apex is no different. It’s clear that Respawn have used their wealth of experience to make a product that feels incredibly polished. Compare this to the clunky, arcade-like feel of Fortnite and it really is a no brainer.

The gameplay has more depth

Other than being technically better, Apex seems far more fleshed out than the somewhat vapid experience of Fortnite. Inclusion of Overwatch-esque hero characters, or Legends, categorised into the roles of Offence, Defense, Support and Recon, adds an extra element which forces the player to think tactically and play smart. There’s also enough variation in each of the character’s unique class abilities to promote experimentation. The loot and equipment system also has a lot of fun characteristics, namely tiered weapon attachment and marked “Hot Zones” and supply ships, home to rare goodies. Little additions like this just give the whole game that little bit more je ne sais quois.

Teamwork is encouraged

Unlike many of the battle royales on the market, Apex has no solo mode. Instead every player is plonked into a three-person squad. If like me the thought of human interaction makes you want to have a panic attack, then this might sound like a living nightmare. But fear not, an easy to use, context based ping system makes interacting with teammates a doddle, without having to say a single word over mic. Just point your crosshair at what you want to talk about, whether it be an enemy, location or piece of equipment, and at the push of a button your avatar will call it out to your squad. This also gives further incentive to play as one of the more support-based characters, which helps given optimal class composition within your squad is crucial for victory.

There’s no building

What is people’s obsession with building? I remember when Minecraft was at its peak and the trend was set for every single game to include some sort of janky building mechanic. Thankfully those dark days passed, until Fortnite decided to resurrect the rotting corpse that is basic building mechanics. A fundamental part of the Tower Defence style gameplay that was originally envisioned for Fortnite, the resource collection and building elements have since become an ugly and inconvenient secondary focus to the game. For most players, building is simply an annoyance. So rejoice, because Apex doesn’t have any of it.

Progression is fairer

A quirky roster isn’t the only thing Apex has pinched from Overwatch. Inclusion of loot boxes packed with cosmetic items like skins and taunts also make their way into the game. They’re awarded semi-regularly, so unlocks can be gained at a decent pace, with enough incentive to keep plugging away. Of course you can pay for more boxes, but at the end of the day the game is free so they’ve got to make their money somehow. Overall, it still feels much fairer than Fortnite’s rather restrictive Battle Pass system.

Sadly, there’s no flossing though.

Image: Apex Legends | Respawn Entertainment


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