Connoisseurs of seamlessly blending the boundaries between reggae, dub and ska, Gentleman’s Dub Club have hit the road on their latest tour. The band, made up of nine Yorkshire lads from Leeds, are heading to Sheffield’s Leadmill on 23 March touring their new album Lost in Space.

From standout performances at Glastonbury, Boomtown and Outlook Festival to supporting the likes of Madness, The Streets and The Wailers, GDC are no strangers to putting on an incredible performance. The band always bring an infectious energy through their passionate performances, combining heavy, multi-layered sound with tight grooves.

Gentleman’s Dub Club bring something different to the table, especially in an age where a lot of bands are slipping into a fixed algorithm when creating new music. GDC infuse their music with hints of their influences and put their own trademark on it. From the use of the brass instruments to Jonathan Scratchley’s varied vocal range, each song on Lost in Space shows off the band’s unique talent.

You can be sure to hear new tracks as well as fan favourites from Pound for Pound, Dubtopia and The Big Smoke. If you fancy dancing the night away to sounds reminiscent of the height of the 80s ska scene, then make sure you head down to Leadmill on Saturday to catch Dub Club in action.



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