Abhinav Kongari

Hello, 你好, مرحبا , नमस्ते , Bonjour!

My name is Abhinav and I am running to be your next International Students’ Officer.

My current role as the Chair of International Students’ Committee has made me aware of the issues faced by the International student community and passionate to stand for the right cause when we have imminent issues ranging from academics to social/residential welfare and protection of rights of all students with impending Brexit.

As your next ISO, I aim to:


  • Education: Improve academic transition of international students through workshops in collaboration with ELTC and 301 centre for essays/technical report writing.
  • Immigration: Ensure the rights of Erasmus/Study abroad students are maintained during the process of Brexit and there’s a complete transparency of all procedure with regular information given out to students through a ‘Brexit-newsletter’.
  • Career Opportutnities: Liaise with Careers Service to develop ‘tailored-workshops’ with an international focus for graduate programmes/placement year.


  • Taboo: Enhance knowledge and raise awareness about Mental/Sexual health problems through talks adaptable to all cultures and make available ‘Healthy relationship packs’.
  • Homesickness: Organise more international-themed events, especially during major festivals in all student villages via collaboration with ResLife/ACS.


  • Global Citizenship: Work with ISC to increase inter-regional collaboration among national/cultural societies.
  • International Experience: Promote more international-focused events/sports among home students. Increase engagement of International students in local community especially through community centres.


  • Chair: International Students’ Committee
  • Vice-Chair: Events Management Committee
  • International Student Ambassador
  • International Engineering Ambassador


Think rational, Vote Abhi International!