Alec Johns

Hello, I’m Alec. I’m currently a chemistry PhD student and want your vote to become a student trustee.

Our union is one of the best unions in the country and has been for the past decade. In the seven years since I started studying here, I have greatly benefited from the opportunities created by the SU and have seen it constantly evolve to maintain this excellence.

This is thanks to the Board of Trustees who are responsible for the governance and overall management of the SU. As someone who has benefited from this, I am running to be selected as a Student Trustee to enable the same opportunities for future students.

During my time at Sheffield I have been an active member of several societies including SUSO, korfball and ChemSoc. For the latter, I have been Treasurer for two years whilst also being Inclusions Officer for one.

In these positions I have contributed to the running of ChemSoc by setting out clear strategies for the year to benefit our members, organising events to fit the strategy and ensuring the society stayed within budget. This makes me suitable to be a trustee because I would be expected to perform similar roles.

As a PhD student I also have plenty of experience of responsibility, support, collaboration and organisation which I will use to uphold the values of the SU and to deliver a SU that benefits us all.

Thank you for reading my statement and please make me your no. 1 choice.