(Amber) Xinwen Zhang

Choose Amber and Be happier!

Hi, Ladies and gentlemen,

I am a MA Education student and I am an education department councillor in SU. Thus, it provides some insight into the educational issues students face, such as difficulty in attending classes, and continuing in higher education and following other career paths. I have developed a deep understanding of these issues

(1) Free School Bus

I’ll push for more public transportation for students, and for them to be better publicised across campus.

(2) Apply new technology for Effective Learning

I will apply and promote new technology in class to make it so much more enjoyable and a fun learning and teaching environment!

Increase understanding of lectures and passion to attend class using an advanced function to do quizzes and ensure you are fully motivated to do well all the time and become re-energised to increase your desire to attend class and make your studies more enjoyable.

(3) Stop Imbalanced Founding

I will campaign for more available placements for international students working closely with the international officer.

(4) Improve student opportunities!

I will work with the welfare officer to make more scholarships available and help more students get a fair chance to do higher education!!!

(5) Defend International Students against racism

It is essential we stand up and show our positive attitude. I will work with other officers to fight for the right to remain for non UK residents a greater understanding between religious faiths.

Consequently, Vote Amber! The Best Education Officer!