Andrew Baker

Cheaper printing or the printing budget is every year not just given once when you start at university.

Subsidies sanitary products so students do not have to pay VAT on them.

SU council meetings should be televised like the house of commons.

More visibility and ease of access for mental health support and counselling.

Never propose and even block any discriminatory legislation or schemes nonmatter the sex of the people benefiting or suffering from them.  e.g Stop to gender specific shortlists as they encourage and justify sexism.

Fight for gender irrelevance in all things except related to procreation.

If somebody wishes to leave University mid degree, their place at the university in the department is maintained for up to 19 years to allow the option of leaving if people are not ready or leave to bring up a family without detriment.             It might have some side effects on the accreditation however.

No roles should have discriminatory quotas however the boards and panels selecting those for the role should if possible be representative as there is justification to a fear of tribalism. Wet nurses however can have gendered shortlists (I doubt they are employed by the university however).