Anna Crump Raiswell

Education is why students come to university and it’s crucial that we represent student interests at the foundation of academic life. As your education officer, I would fight for higher education for all.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto video. However, they decided not to take up Forge on that offer

If elected, I would: –

  • Support the university outreach team by increasing resources for widening participation schemes. This is vital in advancing social mobility and equality. Sheffield should be leading the fight for equal access to higher education. As a mentor in the US in schools scheme, I understand how effective outreach work can be. I would encourage greater engagement with outreach, and look at how it can be increased beyond South Yorkshire.
  • Increase the number of women in STEM subjects. I would work to increase the number of women studying STEM subjects by increasing open and discovery days for girls in local secondary schools, as well as pushing for more women only STEM based activities.
  • Support students who have gone through trauma or difficulties during, or before, their studies. Easy access, and understanding of extenuating circumstances is vital. I understand how crucial it is to have your voice heard and needs understood by your education institution during difficult times. I would work to increase student support within departments, and create clearer instructions on accessing extenuating circumstances.
  • Support academic staff in their right to industrial action, and continue our NSS boycott.
  • Lobby the government into reintroducing maintenance grants. The removal of maintenance grants directly affected students from underprivileged backgrounds, and their reintroduction would widen access to education.