Bikramaditya Ghosh

Hi, I am Bikram. Being an International student and I personally understand the difficulties that we have to face during the time at the university. The time spent at the university is extremely precious for each student, especially for students who have travelled thousands of miles across the world.

As your international students officer I would like to prioritize the health and welfare of the international students by collaborating with the University Health Services.

I will work towards motivating students to participate in the student union events by working together with the societies and organizing cultural events and festivals.

I hope to reduce the financial burden on international students by campaigning for increasing scholarships and making the tuition fee constant through the years.

I will organize more meetings and anonymous polls where international students can voice their difficulties and problems.

I want to organize a platform where alumni and current students can interact and communicate with new students especially about accommodation and life at university.

Many students have impressive start up ideas during their time at the university but are unable to move forward with it. I would lobby with the university to provide more opportunities to the international students for letting their innovative ideas be heard.

With my prior experiences and an academic representative to the MPH cohort of 2017-2018, a clinician , a public health activist and a leader, I promise to let your voices be heard for making this student union the best of the best.