Cecilia Hudson-Molinaro

Hey, I’m Cecilia, a third year Psychology student running to be your Activities officer.

I believe that meeting people, trying new things whilst integrating and giving back to society enhances the student experience massively. Therefore, my aim is to maximise opportunities available to all students and encourage participation.

Varsity for Societies:

  • I know from working with sports committee what a positive impact varsity can have. I propose a varsity for societies to encourage students to get involved and showcase their skills and talents alongside our Hallam rivals. Think dance offs and rap battles #WEAREPURPLEANDWHITE.


  • Discovery is a big part of the university experience and I want to increase inclusivity at Sheffield and provide the opportunity for students to try new activities through Give it a Go programmes. Whether that is hitching across Europe for charity, mixing tracks with DJ Soc or learning a new language alongside your degree – find your hidden talent with Cc.


  • As I have studied psychology I am also very passionate about mental health awareness and am driven to create a platform called #SPEAKOUT. This will include campaigns to reduce stigma surrounding issues like sexism.  

Giving back:

  • Following the success of previous years I also want to expand relations with local schools and charities to support the Sheffield community. This will involve working with RAG, Bummit and other volunteering committees which I already do on a regular basis.

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