Charlie Stephen

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto video. However, they decided not to take Forge up on that offer

I will…

Help you Take Control of Your Students’ Union.

I will use feedback gained in open meetings with SU outlets to account for change in the SU, as shaped by students.

Reduce Food Waste.

I have seen first-hand the food waste produced by the SU and university as Chair of Save Our Sandwiches. I will collaborate with catering providers (like gUSto), to ensure food waste is dealt with in the best way.

Promote Environmental Impact Awareness.

Continue to promote environmental action in the SU, but also encourage students to continue this in their homes. This will include classes on sustainability for students and information packs provided to student letting firms.

Be Transparent.

Bi-Monthly updates detailing how SU money is being spent. This will encourage students to engage with how our SU is run.

Think beyond the SU.

Lobby the university to divest in fossil-fuels, whilst investing in renewable energy across campus. Lobby the university for more gender-neutral facilities on-campus. Collaborate with the local authorities and community to address Sheffield’s homeless crisis.