Chian Ying Xuan

The Students’ Union’s comprehensive efforts in making every student’s experience at university an enjoyable and productive one is admirable, and this motivates me to continue the union’s good work in the year ahead by helping it to continue operating on its core values of inclusivity and sustainability.

I hope to encourage students to play a more active role in not just shaping university life but also in the wider community; no effort is too small to generate a positive impact in the lives of others! My work with the Sheffield Market Society has helped me realize that the union has very robust support system for student-led projects, whether this be in terms of staff advisors or financial help, which enabled my small, humble society to run several market events at the union. It is therefore my mission to further promote these resources and encourage students to step forward and bring their ideas to life.

I also have a particular interest in promoting welfare, having benefited from the range of avenues for personal support during difficult times throughout schooling years and at university. Everyone should feel empowered to voice their struggles and opinions, and encouraged to discuss and debate issues that matter to them in a respectful and objective way. Additionally, I believe that wellbeing should be promoted on a regular basis to all students, as I believe everyone stands to benefit from emotional and physical health regardless of whether or not they are facing any personal crises.