Christopher (Chris) Olewicz

I’ve been at university long enough to see a lot of promises made and not delivered. But there are so many practical changes we can make to improve education for all our students.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto video. However, they decided not to take up Forge on that offer

Library refurbishment projects are often poorly communicated and planned. I’d work to improve the way we renovate our buildings to minimise disruption, and put more plug sockets and newer desks in Western Bank.

Some departments organise very good internship schemes – but others miss out. The Postgraduate Advantage Scheme is great, but only available to social science students.

Unpaid internships and placements lock out those from less privileged backgrounds who can’t afford travel and accommodation near their placements. I will establish an SU Work Placement Fund, taking applications to fund accommodation and transport for those placements.

Printing can be a major cost for those with long reading lists or long dissertations. Some departments already provide money for printing to each of their students – all departments should.

I’d work to provide at least £5 – 100 pages – free to each student, every year.

Tuition fees are high enough for home students – but international students pay even more, with little attention given to the quality of their education. I’d work to provide more help to make sure international students get the most from their tuition fees.

Binding dissertations and theses is an extra time and money cost at the end of a long piece of work – and most are simply pulped afterwards. It’s necessary, wastes resources, and should be scrapped.