Elliott O’Rourke


I’m running for president because I want to fight for an SU that follows through on the claim to value diversity and truly prioritises liberation; one that takes an active, public political stance through the role of the president, particularly on areas such as campaigning for a free and fair education. I will strive for a grassroots union that represents every single one of our members.


  • Tackle hate speech on campus by refusing phobic individuals a platform to partake in SU events if they have a track record of discrimination
  • Work with the university equality and diversity service on improving support for students from marginalised groups
  • Provide support for liberation committee campaigns


  • Expand mental health training in staff and committee members to account for particular issues such as sensory overload that affects students with autism
  • Challenge university on inaccessible buildings
  • Campaign to increase postgraduate and mature student engagement with the SU
  • Fight cuts to grants and funding which are pushing working class students out of higher education


  • Expand the reach of consent workshops
  • More open forums for UHS, and increase awareness and activity of patient participation groups
  • Tackle the stigma surrounding student drug use and promote a method of harm reduction


  • Break down barriers preventing participation in student politics through workshops on sabbatical roles and activism throughout the year
  • Engage with student groups who find elections inaccessible (students with disabilities, carers, and commuter students)
  • Make SU Council more visible to improve engagement