Emily Banks

I want to create a Student’s Union that enhances the health, wellbeing and sustainability of its community and enables people to achieve their full potential.

  • Strengthen the dialogue between students and the Union, putting students at the heart of every decision. Hold regular meetings where students are able to come and express their opinions and ideas.
  • Put mental health support first and embed it across all university activities. Create an internal union drop in counselling service to make professional help available when people need it. Create a programme of short events during exam season to ensure health stays a priority during stressful periods.
  • Encourage diversity by making the students union accessible to all, including those with neurological disorders.
  • Start a regular student market where students can bring unwanted clothes, books and other items to sell on market stalls to increase students earnings potential and reduce waste. Students pay a small fee for the stall which goes to charity.
  • It is becoming more competitive to gain graduate jobs, so it is important that every Sheffield student can differentiate themselves above the rest. Create an employability skills week to help students identify and improve their skills.
  • Continue to decrease waste by increasing the use of recyclable materials in everything we do.
  • Improve the services offered at the Students Union, including the creation of a post office.