Francesca (Frankie) Boyd

Student unions are unique organisations which develop their members and officers through passion and representation. In 2013, I was elected Welfare Officer at my previous student union in Cornwall, that year was a roller coaster and the trustees offered invaluable support. Now as a PhD student I would like the opportunity to use my experience of student unions, university management and endlessly unnecessary acronyms to support the Student Union. I have a breadth of experience from being an elected officer, to working in Student Support Services and returning as a post-grad feeling like a lost fresher all over again.

Before moving to Sheffield I was a volunteer council member at the British Red Cross (Cornwall). Although at times a challenge, this experience taught me the importance of always looking after the members in your organisation. In the Student Union that is us, from many different cultures, communities and countries. We have different hopes and expectations from our university experience and as a trustee I would aim to support the elected officers in making those hopes and expectations heard. As a trustee I would make sure the structure and strategy enables the elected officers to fulfil their manifesto’s promises. The Student Union should continue to be responsive to its members and political changes. I believe in empowering those whose voices are not always heard and making sure opportunities are available to everyone. As a student trustee I would be vocal on maintaining clarity and integrity in policy and practice.