Gracie Elizabeth Marlow

Hi, I’m Gracie and I want to be your next welfare officer. As president of Mental Health Matters society, I have campaigned for many issues surrounding mental health and have always put student welfare first.​


-Affiliate with ACORN Renters’ Union, promoting ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops.

-Challenge landlords to provide adequate housing in open meetings with students.


-Annual sex education workshop, with a focus on sex positivity, LGBT+ inclusion, consent, and de-stigmatising STDs, including HIV.


-Lobby for restructuring of SAMHs, with increased funding and maximum sessions, allowing students to be treated for multiple issues.

-Welcome pack outlining Sheffield’s support services.

-Training pack for personal tutors so they can provide better support.

-Fortnightly ‘Brunch Club’ for students to destress, particularly for those with mental health problems and from liberation backgrounds.

-Simplify the extenuating circumstances/leave of absence process and make it consistent across departments.

-Remove emphasis on compulsory attendance to aid disabled students.


-Run workshops on managing finances alongside Welfare Committee.

-Encourage formation of student staff trade unions, improving working conditions.

-Better resources for students from a low-economic background about bursaries and subsidised medication.


-Introduce an ID label on U-Cards for using the Safety Bus, making it more accessible for trans and non-binary people who face misogyny.

-Drug testing kits in welcome packs and toilets.

-Amnesty bins on nights out.


-President of Mental Health Matters Society

-Representative on Free Uni Society

-Previous student councillor

-Work for the SU information team