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Opportunities and Participation:

  • Provide a forum for students to advertise their skills to other students or committees offering employment opportunities (e.g. journalists, photographers, videographers, etc).
  • Better advertising for the Participation Grant, making more students aware of it and whether they qualify for it.
  • Broaden the application period for this grant.
  • Encouraging committees to create GIAGs, offering ‘walk-downs’ from residences and the SU.

Societies and Volunteering:

  • Creating an online forum for the rent/exchange of equipment between societies to reduce spending and free up funding for other opportunities.
  • Encouraging societies and representative committees with similar interests to collaborate for joint events and socials by incentivising meetings between different committees.
  • Raising more awareness of the volunteering opportunities available throughout the year to all students.

Committee Support:

  • Create online year-round training programmes for committee members in addition to the Training Programmes in the SU.
  • More training on how committee members can support each other or society members who may be experiencing personal problems (e.g. with home life, money or mental health).
  • Making the Room Bookings process clearer and more efficient.
  • Putting pressure on the Union to further support committees who are struggling to find spaces/resources, helping them search in the local community if the Union cannot provide them.

About Me:

  • Pole Fitness Society:
    • Current President
    • Secretary (2016/17)
    • Co-organising two ‘Varsity’ events
    • Finding suitable new studio after closure of previous space
  • Primary School Volunteer
  • Third year English Literature
  • Avid karaoke fan!