Harry Hatter

As Activities Officer, my main priority will be making societies accessible to all. No one should have to miss out on the full university experience.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto. However, they decided not to take up Forge on that offer

This will mean supporting students who may not be able to afford to join societies with participation grants, and encouraging people of all backgrounds to try different things out.

I will also aim to provide more mental health training for societies, and give more support from the SU for members’ own mental health. I will work closely with Mental Health Matters, and also take new ideas on board from them.

Volunteering is a very important activity for many students, and indeed our SU community. Therefore, we need to work to create more links with charities and initiatives, in order to make as big an impact as possible.

I will lobby to make more University property available for group activities. Too many buildings are just used for educational purposes, when they could be used for so much more!

I believe these aims will make activities more fun and open to all.

Go Mad for the Hatter!