Imon Pal

I understand that the students’ welfare is of utmost importance to both the university and the students union. We do have great facilities here at the university aiming at achieving the best. Indeed, we are the number 1 union in the country.

As your welfare officer I plan to:

Prioritize mental health by promoting awareness especially in student accommodation. Collaborating with societies to eliminate the difficulties of mental health problems once and for all.

Through campaigns, I would like to spread awareness of healthy eating and exercise to promote health and wellbeing. I look forward to organizing fun sports events in collaboration with the sports and activities team. I would also like to liaison with the University health services for the betterment of providing health care to its students.

I would work towards reducing the cost of accommodation to make it affordable for every student. I would also see to it that the services at the university accommodation are promptly available.

I understand the difficulties of finding the best internships amidst the modules during term time. Frequent job and internship fairs would help you find the best employees right here at campus.

The welfare of the society is also our responsibility. By organizing free food booths for the homeless, campaigns for conserving water electricity and paper we would be able to give back to the society.

So, go ahead and exercise your rights by voting me as your next Welfare Officer.