Inez Lau

Our SU is good but it can be greater with further inclusivity.

I am a third year Journalism student running for Activities Officer with a passion for integration.

As a committee member of multiple societies, I can lead and organise campaigns and events. With these experiences, I have gained a solid understanding of the many difficulties society faces.

I aim to make committees’ life easier by adding search engines and reconstructing the existing guidelines’ layout on the SU website to provide simple navigation. I also plan to set up a Committee Pantry, a shared place for committees to relax and build connections.

I plan to increase activities engagement by setting a “November GiveItAGo Week”; another option to showcase your societies. I will also start a #WednesdaySetMeFree” campaign to fight for the fair right for all students to have Wednesday afternoons free.

I will integrate the local community and our societies to revolutionise the current training sessions into professional workshops. I believe the local community can play a key role in developing a society’s management and leadership skills. As I have learnt to work with people from different backgrounds when helping in ASSIST.

As a current Sheffield Future Youth Ambassador, I am determined to continue promoting volunteering at the university. I will continue the “Volunteers of Sheffield” campaign, and encourage societies to nominate a Charity Officer to organise charitable events.

I can multitask, lead and understand societies, with my experiences I have no doubt that I am suitable for this role.