Jessica (Jessie) McGuinness

“Jessie for Justice”.

Hi, I’m Jessie and I am a fourth-year student hoping to celebrate diversity and create a more inclusive, representative union for all.

This candidate was offered a 90 second manifesto but they did not take up Forge on the offer

If elected, I will work towards an environment free from discrimination through tackling current issues affecting our female students and pushing for broader equality and liberation.


  1. ‘Safe’ spaces, for women students from all backgrounds to talk through experiences collectively and promote integration within these groups.
  2. A push for free sanitary products across union bathrooms – expanding on the already provided sexual health products and services.
  3. Empowering greater diversity in leadership roles and creating policies to represent all.
  4. Represent the University in creating strong connections with local women’s charities and other supportive movements such as LGBT and BME programmes.
  5. Online discussions to raise awareness and understanding surrounding certain topics such as mental health, domestic violence, eating disorders and sexism in society.
  6. To create greater focus and involvement during awareness weeks and days e.g. ‘Feminist Friday’.
  7. Help to develop a wider knowledge and use of the support programmes that are already in place, for example the night safety bus and the provision of safety alarms.

I hope, with your support, to represent your views and interests in building a fairer, more equal Student’s Union.