Katharine Swindells

Hi, I’m Katharine, and I’d love to be your next Welfare Officer. University can be an amazing, life-changing few years, but it can also be incredibly tough. I believe we need to tackle the triangle of mental, physical, and social wellbeing to help students get the most out of their uni experience.

Here are just a few of the ideas I have for how to go about this…

  • Make the gym more affordable, accessible and safe
  • Reform the Union’s drug policy, moving towards a harm reduction and education focus
  • Campaign to make local businesses better employers for students with part-time jobs
  • Lobby on behalf of University mental health services both locally and nationally
  • Work with local suppliers to hold fruit and veg markets at the student villages and concourse and produce cheap meal kits at exam time
  • Help students assert their rights as renters and put pressure on letting agencies to move house signing dates back

What makes me the best candidate for the job?

  • Co-Chair and Inclusions Officer of the biggest political society in the union, giving me lots of experience campaigning locally and nationally
  • Campaigns Officer on Welfare Committee, teaching me about the most pressing welfare issues students face
  • Fighting with liberation groups, particularly on women’s and LGBT+ issues, including mental health, safety at night, homelessness and period poverty

I am hardworking, empathetic, and immensely passionate about fighting for the empowerment and happiness of students. Vote Kath No.1 for Welfare!